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Part 3: Essay Sample About Socialization

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On an early morning bus ride to school I pondered what made my friends and I different from one another. I knew it what our social statuses. That was when role expectations began setting in. Knowing that my family migrated to America so we can have a better life as well as raise our social status through careers as doctors, engineers or entrepreneurs, I had the mandate through education to get my family out the situation we were in. I had no room for gerrymandering as each day opened new opportunities for me. Today as I think back, some of the richest student in school fell into a dark hole brought on by partying, drugs and alcohol. Those were the same friends who had encouraged me many times to conform to what they believed were “cool”. They were the very students who saw me differently.

I learned though to practice cultural relativism by accepting and respecting their culture and lifestyle choices. I began to think, had I fallen to peer pressure, perhaps I would have ended up in their exact circumstances. I knew that for me to get to where I needed to be in life, I could not mix education with drugs which would cause a role conflict between my academic career and social life. Mixing education and drugs would only have hindered me from reaching my goals. Thanks to my parents for introducing me to these sanctions at tender age, both positively and negatively. Had this not occurred, perhaps I would be out there immersed in alcohol or drugs.

Today I am happy that I had learned so much in this journey called life. These were life experiences that had molded me into the person I am today. My story can be told for many years. It will go into the annals of history that I pushed beyond these barriers with the support of my loving parents, close friends and school to beat all social odds that could have impacted me negatively. All the experiences I passed through in life contributed greatly to my cultural capital. I fully thank all the agents of socialization for making me who I am today.