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Part 1: Essay Sample About Socialization


I was born in Morocco sixteen years ago. I later moved to the United States of America (USA) at tender age. I speak English, French, Spanish and Arabic languages fluently. We live in a rented house in Colorado because we could not afford to buy a home for ourselves. Before we moved to USA, I got enrolled in a preschool also at tender age and met Hajar who later became my best friend. In Morocco, our teachers taught us French and Arabic languages, and at the same time cultural studies.  I attended my middle and high school in Boulder Colorado, USA. As a visitor and a child, it was hard to get acclimated to US customs. Whenever I walked around, I would meet mean kids who would bully and push me around due to my inability to speak English. The situation forced me to enroll for English classes as a second language. It is at this level that I met Aida who became my best friend. While at home, I used to have a neighbor friend my mother didn’t like. Whenever she would see me talking to her, she would be infuriated. It was until I later learnt she was associated with a well known gang who would rob people at any slightest opportunity. The group committed many thefts from robbing homes to pick pocketing.  But Aida and I were unique in away. Whatever she wasn’t good at, I proved to be the best and vice versa. Aida was great in science courses while I was better in Math. She too wasn’t good in math which I loved very much. We maintained our status, as academic giants in all aspects of the courses by maintaining one of the highest GPAs in our school.

My family, school and friend Jane are the main agents of socialization who instilled discipline in me and made me who I am today. It cannot pass without out mentioning and appreciating my family who corrected me whenever I did wrong at that age. I call them special agents of socialization because they helped mold me into who I am today not just as a child but from infant. As a Moroccan American, the belief in morals, and the values of my culture like saying hello to visitors with respect, kissing the elders forehead when greeting them only brought the best in me.

At preoperational stage, my mother tells me that I was a quiet child and did not speak often but when I did, it was difficult for me to construct any meaningful statement. Due to my inability to speak often, when I did, I would stutter which would force me to cry. This didn’t sound real to me because I see myself differently. I doubted my mother’s story and begun to research about what happens at preoperational stage. Jean Piaget, a French national invented what is presently referred to as Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive development. Exploring Piaget’s theory led me to discover that there exist four stages of cognitive development. These include; sensorimotor, preoperational which I at least had some rough idea on, concrete operational and lastly formal operational stage.

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