There’s a reason why “the more, the merrier” is a common phrase. College brought us together, and considering the struggles that we all went through together, you could say we are all married to each other. We are “for better or for worse,” because we all had each other’s backs during tough times.

We are a group of students who love writing. Some students dislike writing, and they consider it so much of a chore that they just copy off their essays from the Internet. “The teacher won’t even notice,” said about 15 students from the same class.

We, on the other hand, love writing. We love it so much that while other students are dozing off in class, we are taking notes of everything. With those notes, we went to countless writing contests, where we would amaze the juries with our awesomeness and our magical way of handling a pen. We even have our own writing service going.

Jokes aside, while not all our entries may have won first place, they were still all highly appreciated. We weren’t selected to enter those contests for no reason. The professors chose us because we know exactly what we are doing. We know how to format a paper, we know how to do proper research, we know how to bring our arguments in a logical manner – basically, we know what makes critics happy and what makes them unhappy.

We weren’t always this good – but we had the education to make it better. In the beginning, we were struggling to maintain our sanity through the exams galore. However, we eventually caught up to the rhythm, and now we can all enjoy good grades without stepping with one foot in the cuckoo’s nest. We even earned scholarships for our hard work.

As a result, we decided to run a blog. We realized a lot of other students are going through hardships – so why not lend a hand. Posting everything from paper samples to tips, we hope that our website will make your college experience a bit easier.